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i’m tired 8 days a week

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to any of my followers that find me intimidating:

  • I’m more scared of you than you are of me. 

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bts x hogwarts

kim taehyung: gryffindor ; fifth year ; chaser

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140914  吴杰超教徒_5eafan Fanart 

ZeYang Daily: Zeyang is really a perfect man!!!

泽阳是一名高傲又内敛 Ze Yang is a proud and reserved
即单纯又复杂 simple yet complex
……的大提琴手…… cellist
(认真演奏的样子) (“performing music seriously” look)
虽然大提琴是很重要的伙伴…Although the cello is a very important partner…
但是太阳太大 But when the sun is too much
候可以这么使用 ^^ You can use it like this ^^
偶尔也会弹弹钢琴 Occasionally, playing the piano
唱唱歌 singing
最擅长的运动是篮球 best at playing basketball
还会做饭!! #煎蛋:) He can also cook!! #fried egg:)
最重要的一面是 And the most important aspect is,
他居然还有萌萌哒一面He also has a cute side!
"朕就是要卖萌你咬我啊" "I will act cute, you bite me ah" 
你是我的小呀小苹果~ You’re my little apple~
真是一个完美的男子!!!What a wonderful man!!!

来人啊 把作者拖出去… Flower boy Fanfan dragged out the author…

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suspense controlling my mind

i cannot find the way out of here

i want you by my side

so that i never feel alone again.

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Weekly Idol Random Play Dance

  • Other Kpop groups: /tries to dance and laughs at their mistakes/
  • Teen Top: /dance turns into violence within 0.2 seconds/

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*stares right into your soul*

sungyeol putting his hand behind woohyun’s head so that it wouldn’t knock the wall

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95line squished into each other while waiting to perform (╹ω╹ )

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i really don’t know why, everyone is saying goodbye to me

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Big Byung knows what stress is all about.

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